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Explanation of the advantages of high frequency welded pipe unit equipment

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Explanation of the advantages of high frequency welded pipe unit equipment

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Compared with seamless pipes, the high-frequency welded pipe unit has the characteristics of strong continuity, high efficiency and low cost. At the same time, the production of raw material strips is developing rapidly, and the proportion of welded pipes in the whole pipe is increasing. . The production of high-frequency welded pipe units has the characteristics of no pollution and low noise in the economic benefits of production efficiency, and does not produce waste water or waste gas. The production uses circulating water cooling, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and also saves labor. It takes only 5-8 people in a single shift. In terms of use, with the improvement of the quality of welded seams and the reliability of non-destructive testing, the use of welded pipes is becoming more and more extensive, replacing seamless steel pipes in more departments and applications, and the growth rate of welded pipes is greater than that of seamless pipes. It is the general trend of development. The high-frequency welding process has advantages in many aspects, and has wide adaptability to the material of the tube blank and the size of the steel pipe. High-frequency welding not only improves the welding speed, but also obtains welds with small heat-affected zones and good fire-through properties.
In terms of quality, the high-frequency welded pipe unit has the advantages of good weld quality, small internal and external burrs, high welding speed and low power consumption, and can be widely applied and popularized. High-frequency welded pipe units can produce heterogeneous pipes normally. At the same time, square and rectangular pipes are produced. Because square and rectangular pipes have large section modulus, they can withstand greater bending force, which can save a lot of metal, save processing time and reduce components. The advantages of weight and so on, so it is promoted and used in all aspects of industry and agriculture.